Tide Clock Instructions

  • To set your Tide Timer you will need:
        * Time of local high or low tide in your area
        * One AA Alkaline battery
  • Install one AA Alkaline battery in the correct direction.  If the battery is reversed, the clock will not function.
  • At this point, you will need to know the time of high or low tide in your area. Click this link, select the "local tides" option and then enter your zip code.  Note: this link is provided only as a convenience; we are not responsible for its accuracy. Or you can consult your local newspaper for tide listings in the Weather section.   
  • Choose an upcoming time of high or low tide that will be convenient for you to set your clock.
  • Rotate the tide adjustment wheel to move the hand to high or low tide at the time indicated on your local tide tables.
  • Once the clock is set, you should not need to adjust it again until the battery expires or it experiences an extended period of lack of use (like from one summer beach season to the next). If you wish to obtain the most balanced readings, you may double check the settings of your tide clock vs. tide charts on any day of a full or new moon.